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It’s been quite a while.  Most of my days, I forget this blog ever existed.  Once in a while, I check back, and I’m always surprised it has kept its momentum, despite the fact that I haven’t written a new post in almost 3 years.  While this chapter of my life has long since closed, I feel that my record of it is a bit unfinished.

I have wanted to write a sort of ‘wrap up’ post, but there is too much for one blog update.  I am curious how much interest there would be in an ebook.  My thought is sort of an ‘annoted boy of negotiable affections’, which would include thoughts on all the encounters I’ve written about, and my perspective of the whole experience from where I stand now.  Let me know, dear readers…  It may happen soon or later, or not all, but either way, thanks for reading!

teddy bears and stds

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oh yeah

This story dates back about a year and a half.  He saw my ad on an escorting website and wrote me an email:

Him: Hi. Your profile is intriguing and I’d love to see some face pics. All Best, *****

Me: Sure, they are attached!

Him: ****** — Do you have a hairy chest and legs?  Could not tell precisely from the photo on the website.  Your face pics are adorable and sweet. –*****

Me: Thanks! :) i do have hairy legs, and right now some lighter hair on my chest/stomach… i sometimes shave but it’s half grown back now!

Him: Don’t shave!  Let it grow naturally.  = )

Me: haha i definitely am now, don’t worry :) it’s not all back, but it’s def a good amount.  i shave every once and a while to change things up, but i’m getting a little tired of it…  which i guess is lucky for you! ;)

Him: yes, lucky for me.  =)
do you think you would be available to meet today or tomorrow?

Me: I miiiiight be able to! I have a friend who may be coming into town tonight…  or might not be haha…  i think he won’t at this point.  But how long/what time would you be looking for?

(I don’t exactly remember, but I think my “friend” just was an excuse in case I didn’t feel like working, or if I got a bad vibe from this guy.  Clearly it ended up panning out!)

Him: Just left you a voice mail on your cell.  Call me — maybe it will be easier to talk on the phone.

(We talked on the phone and he seemed very nice.  As usual, it seemed like he had been drawn to my ad because of the focus on conversation and chilling as opposed to just sex.  We decided to meet for an hour or two, and he sent me an email after we got off the phone.)

Him: Hi ******.
Confirming 3 pm on Wed.  My address is ***********.
Subway directions: *************.  As you head out of the station steps, and go through the turnstiles, you’ll see two sets of exits (one to your left and one to your right).  Exit through the stairs on your RIGHT.  I’ll meet you on the sidewalk.
Please be clean, ready for conversation, and be as sweet as you sounded on the phone.  =)
Please confirm receipt of this e-mail.
PS: If, for any reason, you are delayed or need to cancel, please call me on my cell (***-***-****).

I ended up running late because of the trains.  When I finally got there, he was standing in the rain.  He was a plump man that I guessed to be in his early thirties, and he was holding a giant umbrella, the kind that annoys me on crowded sidewalks (unless it’s covering a family of four) but that he probably got away with in his less crowded neighborhood.  He told me that he had almost given up on me and gone home, and I’m supremely thankful he didn’t because it turned out to be a very profitable night.

We started the walk back to his apartment, and I noted how nice his neighborhood was.  Very cute and brownstoney.  I could tell right away that he was smart, and seemed warm.  Maybe a little formal?  Or maybe that was my impression by the end of the night.

We reached his apartment building (surprise, a brownstone) and climbed the stairs up to his floor.   The inside of his one bedroom was cute, although a little crowded.  Boxes here and there, but a nice space.  Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and probably a couple closets.  My shoes were already off, as his apartment had a no shoe policy, but he asked me if I wanted to take off my pants, and soon I was sitting next to him in my shirt and underwear.  He put his hand on my leg, felt my leg hair and smiled, casually mentioning again that he loved body hair.  Too bad I had trimmed my chest and stomach hair a bit already.  I don’t want him to seem at all lecherous, feeling my leg hair while we sat and chatted, because he really seemed sweet.  He was very into theatre, so that opened our conversation, and we soon realized we probably had some mutual friends.  It was even possible that we would run into each other at some point.  I really wasn’t worried about it, though.  He seemed very nice and discreet, and clearly wouldn’t want anyone to know about our arrangement for the same reasons I wouldn’t.  Even if we ran into each other at some point, it would be totally plausible that we had met at some friend of a friend’s party.

After 30 or so minutes of conversation, we started kissing some and moved to the bedroom.  As his clothes came off, I realized that he really was about as all around unattractive as I would have guessed.  He was chubby (or maybe just fat), and his dick was small, his public hair wiry, unkempt, and longer than I would have guessed for someone who was generally smooth on other parts of his body.  We made out, although his kisses were very soft, in a tentative way.  Almost just pecks at times.  Every time I went down on him, he pulled me off pretty quickly.  I think he didn’t have very much endurance.

The strange thing about the whole hook up was that he kept on asking me if I was ok.  We would make out, and he would pull away and ask me if I was ok.  I would always smile and say yes, absolutely.  But I think what was really happening was that he wasn’t sure if he was ok.  Or, maybe he wasn’t sure how he was doing, and his defense mechanism kicked in every time he doubted himself.  Which was every time we did anything sexual.  Which happens a lot during sex.  Although, he definitely was seeming to veer away from anything anal, at this point.

Side note: With some overweight clients, I can’t always tell what they want in terms of attention paid to their upper bodies.  If I’m hooking up with a hot guy, I’ll touch his abs/chest, lick him, etc… general hot hook up stuff, nothing crazy.  But with an overweight client who may be self conscious about his body, I at times feel like I’m drawing attention to and/or emphasizing his flaws if I do those things.  But I also don’t want to IGNORE it and have them be self conscious in that respect.  I also don’t want to deprive them of a hotter experience, if they’re into that.  For the most part, clients are easy to read sexually.  But with this man, he was so tentative that it was hard to tell what he wanted…  I got the impression that he didn’t want me to pay attention to his upper body, but also that he wasn’t confident enough to let me know what he wanted.  I’m still not 100% sure how he feels.

He suggested we move to the shower after 10 or 15 minutes, and we continued with the touching/kissing.  He ended up blowing me until I came in his mouth, and he spit it out.  “That’s the best thing about doing it in the shower,” he said. “No extra cleanup!”  I realized as he said this that I think he’s a little OCD.  I apologize to any true OCD sufferers out there, but he was very strange about touching/kissing/blowing during the whole hook-up.  At the time I wrote this off as inexperience… but I think he actually found it all very hot, while at the same time, not wanting to get “dirty.”  He seemed like a very particular person.

We finished our shower, and we headed back out into the living room, where he proceeded to show me his extensive stuffed animal collection.  I shouldn’t call them stuffed animals, they were actually all very artfully crafted, expensive collectibles – literally thousands of dollars worth – but yeah, they were stuffed animals.  Some were on shelves, some still in boxes stacked against the wall, all around the room.  He had a story for each one, and had even gone to conventions to sell and trade.  It was kind of endearing, really.  It really brought him joy!

At this point, he asked me how much it would be to spend the night.  I told him my rate was 1000, which made him hesitate, so I offered 800 (which is a rate I’ve accepted before.  I don’t like negotiating, but it’s a little better if I aim high and still end up with a solid number.  Without a steady stream of income, sometimes I have to bend my rules, as much as I would warn against it to other escorts).  He felt bad, though, and didn’t want me to have to lower my prices.  I insisted it was fine, but he offered 900 to ease his conscience.  So my little afternoon turned into a sleepover!

This is where the night took somewhat of a turn.  This requires a little back story, but I’ll be brief. Months before this meeting, I had met a guy at a bar from Mexico who was on a business trip.  We hung out and slept together the couple days that he was here, and then kept in contact in the following months.  He ended up flying from Mexico to visit me for a couple days over the summer, and one night while we were drunk, we had unprotected sex.  Now, I’m writing this over a year after the fact… I honestly don’t remember the exact details or order that everything happened.  However, the facts that I know are these: I had an std, gonorrhea.  I don’t make a habit out of having unprotected sex, but I believe I got it from someone I trusted at the time.  I gave it to the guy who was visiting me before I realized I had it, and soon after had some symptoms, took antibiotics, but had my initial tests come back negative, so I assumed I actually didn’t have it at any point.  I was not seeing clients while I was unsure of my std status.  However, my Mexican visitor’s discovery of the fact he had gotten it, and our initial discussions about it, started this night while I was with my client.  Hope that makes enough sense.  But again, I know that on this night I had taken antibiotics and it was gone.   It’s kind of embarrassing to write about, but it happened, and it’s done.  And of course, I’m so thankful it wasn’t something client related, and it wasn’t anything worse.

So, we decided to go to dinner, and as we were walking to the nearby restaurant, I got a voice mail from my Mexican man that said he really needed to talk.  But I really didn’t want to be rude while I was being paid for my time, so I had to sit through dinner, knowing that I had personal matters that really had to be taken care of.  Also, keep in mind, this guy that had visited me was someone I really cared about.  I was planning on visiting him in Mexico in the coming months, and was even considering taking Spanish lessons for the trip.  It was really eating at me that I couldn’t talk to him on the phone at that moment, and I think he was feeling the same way, as he kept calling me throughout the meal.  It was a struggle, but I managed, making conversation and forcing myself to eat the excellent food that my client was buying for me.  Apparently I did a good job, because he clearly enjoyed himself.  As we walked back, though, I knew I had to call this guy.  It was going to be less rude than how distracted I was going to be with my client if I didn’t call.  When we reached the apartment, I told him my friend had been calling me all night and asked if it would be alright if I chilled outside for a second and returned his call.  Thankfully, he was totally ok with it.

I found out that my Mexican man had been diagnosed, although not fully tested yet, with what looked like Chlamydia.  I truly felt awful, but ironically, the first thing he said to me in his good (but occasionally broken) English was “Are you still my friend?” He was just as worried as I was about the others reaction to the news and the stigma that stds carry, even if I was a part of it.  After about 10 minutes of discussion, my client called from inside his apartment to make sure I was ok, and after switching back I wrapped things up.  By the end, it was clear we were more worried about being on good terms with each other than the std itself (which sucked, but could be dealt with), and I was able to refocus my night on my client.

I went back in, and apologized for taking so long.  He just wanted to make sure I was ok, and asked what was wrong.  Clearly I wasn’t about to tell a client about my std troubles, so I avoided the topic by saying it was discussion about money owed by a friend (that had to be discussed tonight, for whatever reason), and left it at that.  He was very concerned and sweet.  We moved on to listening to some various musicals from his excellent CD collection (New York Philharmonic recording of Sweeney Todd, highly recommended).  Then he realized he had to leave some feedback for a hotel that he had stayed at during a recent visit to Vegas.  This is when I realized the extent of his semi-OCD qualities (again I use that term loosely).

Apparently the lobby of this hotel was disorganized, and part of my client’s NYC job (to be very general) was about organizing groups of people.  He proceeded to spend about an hour drafting an email to this hotel, telling them about their poor customer service, and how (very specifically) they could improve the flow of their hotel lobby.  While a little bizarre (I would usually assume this kind of behavior is reserved for older, senile people with nothing to do), I have to admire how well thought out his arguments were.  I’d never been to this hotel, but I’m sure he was right!

At this point it was getting late and it was time for bed.  Nothing else sexual happened, which is always interesting to me, as I think of the high price of escorting as directly relating to the sex.  Also interesting, he didn’t need me to sleep in the bed.  He insisted I take the couch in the living room, because he snores.  Double score!

The next morning, I left relatively early, as I had some place to be (or maybe just said I did, don’t really remember).  He didn’t have all the money, but gave me the first half before he got more from the atm.  He said he “hated this part” while he counted the money.  We really had connected over the course of the night, and I think he didn’t like the feeling that it was in exchange for money.  Or, maybe he just didn’t like the fact that he was hiring a prostitute.  But again, it made him sweet.  He implored me to be careful, and I assured him that I didn’t do this often.  He still gave me his worried face though.  He was very much a mama bear.  A particular, worrying mama bear.  After he walked me to the atm and gave me the rest of the 900, we parted ways.

The story of this client has a much more recent part 2, which will be titled “the 40-year-old virgin”.  I’m torn between writing that and writing part 1 of my coke head  client saga.  Look for one or both in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading!

hold your horses!

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daniel radcliffe naked with horse oh hot look how hot my blog is

I’m posting this solely so that my last post isn’t the first thing that new visitors read when they find my blog.  I tried to choose my words carefully, but I see how it easily could be misread as me hating escorting but feeling pressured to do it.

I’ve gotten a lot of hits in the last day from someone who posted my link in a forum.  One of the responses to that posting was:

“I really try to avoid guys like this who’re escorting just to pay the bills, but seem to hate it. I seem to run into this mindset more with the higher priced guys (maybe priced to get over their squeamishness), so I have yet another reason to avoid them. A few insightful questions and a keen intuition work wonders to filter this type out.

My favorite type of “hobbyist” is a guy who’s just a naturally gifted “people pleaser” who’s great with the banter, genuinely loves interacting and getting to know strangers and has an “everybody deserves some affection” frame of mind.”

Now I think a “hobbyist” is one who hires escorts? Haven’t really used that term, not sure if he’s talking about the escorter or the escortee here…  but either way, in terms of the excerpt from his reply, I am TOTALLY the latter.  I don’t find escorting demeaning, soul eroding, hateful, etc etc etc…  and I think I’ve communicated that in previous posts.  I wouldn’t be doing this if I thought it was an awful thing.  In fact, I almost always walk away feeling validated.  As I said in a reply to a comment on my last post:

“My point isn’t that I hate myself when I do this… it’s that some days, I don’t feel like heading into the office!”

I also should have clarified my comment about trying “everything else” besides escorting every time I need money.  I don’t do this because I despise escorting.  It’s that every time I escort (especially with someone new) it’s like jumping off a small bridge.  It’s a little scary!  And yes, someday I’d like to move on from it.  Not because I hate every second, but because I’m an actor first and foremost, because escorting has its risks, and because escorting isn’t socially acceptable.

that is all. carry on!


today is a workin’ day

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What a way to make a living

Escorting has such a push and pull for me.  Most of the time, I want to be done with it.  Socially, most people I know would be upset or appalled if they found out I escort on the side.  I would like to avoid the stress and danger.  And I’d like to only have sex with hot people.  On the flip side, it’s SO profitable, and once I’ve found a client, it’s relatively easy.

When I’m running low on money, I consider all my other options before escorting. I hem and haw with my roommate, seeing if it’s possible to overdraft my bank account for the 10th time, juggling credit cards and paypal accounts.  What can I sell on craigslist?  But this time, I’m about $200 or $300 short, and that will be easy enough.  I realize this may seem in contrast to many other entries that are so pro-prostitution, but there is a fair amount of stress associated with this job for me.  I woke up a little late (2:30…  maybe I shouldn’t have stayed up until 7am watching The Walking Dead) and realized today is a working day.  I’m not really in the mood, but the universe has decided.  ah well.

I guess everyone has those days they don’t want to head into the office!


The kindness of strangers…. or, the genuinely “gen” guy

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money tree leaves

I have a couple updates I should post, but this one is about my latest encounter.  The one before it requires a little back story, so this one was easier to bang out.

As has often been the case throughout my escorting career, rent time became business time at the end of last month.  My roommate and I thought we would have enough money to cover our bills, but as the first approached, it became apparent that our combined cash was evaporating, and we clearly would not have enough to pay our rent.  So, on the last Saturday before the first, I jumped back into the world of craigslist, looking for a gen (‘generous’) guy who wanted me to spend the night.  While it could be argued that I needed money enough to make multiple hour meetings, I really didn’t want to.  I wanted to find one guy who have me over for dinner/drinks/sex/whatever for about $800, which was more than I needed, but what I feel is fair for me.  Most guys stopped responding after I told them the price, but I was able to negotiate a couple down a bit.  Here are (most of) the email exchanges with the man who became my (pseudo) client:

Him: Hey guy,
Bored masc 35yo on the UWS, looking for something fun to do tonight. A cute/hot boy sounds appealing.
Tell me about yourself (face pic, what you get into) and such!  (I’m 5’10, 180#, white/jewish, clean/neg, chill…)

Me: Hey!  Attached a couple pics.  Into whatever really, nothing too crazy. :) Looking for 200/hr or 800 for overnight (which is preferred, or at least more than an hour). Let me know if you’re interested!

Him: Thanks for the quick response.  And cute pics.  I’m not a “hi let’s fuck” kind of guy so wouldn’t want an hour.  8 is kinda high so need to think though.
What’s fun for you?  What were you thinking of for the evening?

Me: Oh whatever really! Like I said, nothing to crazy. :)  I’m down for movies, wine, conversation, chilling in bed, etc.  Would be up to you, really!

Him: LOL, ok. I’m on up at ********.  When do you think you could make it up here?  7-8?

Me: Yeah I could do 8pm.  And you’re down for 800?

Him: I’m thinking about it.  Do you smoke?  Party?

Me: Nah I don’t.

Him: Cool.  So you sound great, and I’d likely have a good time, but I can’t justify it, so I’m going to pass.   Sorry guy.

Me: No problem.  Let me know if you change your mind. :)

(About 30 minutes later, I decide I maybe should adjust my price, which I hate doing, but I’d backed myself into another corner with my rent being due in days)

Me: I could be willing to down some on the price.  What would you be willing to pay?

Him: Hey *******,
Sorry for the delay I was offline cooking.  I appreciate the offer but I’m kind of hesitant to throw out a number.  I thought about making a counter-proposal but didn’t want to insult you by saying you were worth less than what you were asking for, or if you accepted be worried that you’d be unhappy/subconsciously resentful of the bargaining throughout the course of the evening which would suck for both of us.
That said, if you’re suggesting I throw out a number, things are different, but I’m not exactly sure how.  God I wish I didn’t think things through as much as I did.  It’s a truly annoying habit.
So now that my brain is grappling with this, it need like 5 minutes to process.  This would be much easier if i were at least slightly less sober — which I suppose I would be if you were here.  And given that you send your e-mail like an hour ago, this all may be moot.
So while I’m pondering in the next 5-10 minutes, let me know if you’re still looking and what your favorite TV show is and what kind of foods you especially like and/or hate.  And do you drink?

Me: haha it’s all good! I understand!  I am still looking, but take your time.  TV wise, I loved lost, and I’d say my current favorite is weeds.  I enjoy dexter, but I’m still catching up on it.  Very open with food!  Maybe a little less fond of seafood?  But I still like it. And yes, I definitely do drink!

Him: So I’ve thought about it, and I’m still not sure where to go with it.  I think I’d still be worried that you were unhappy/resentful about taking less.  Which would lead to me having less fun, etc.
I know this is weird, but sorry.

Me: I understand! But you really don’t need to worry.  It was my choice to ask if you’d offer less, and you also seem like a great guy that I’d actually have a fun time with, which is pretty appealing from my end. :) Would you be willing to do 600?

(at this point we IM’d through gmail chat, and while he might have met for $600 earlier in the night, he felt like we’d wasted some of our time together hashing out details, so a different night would be better. We settled on meeting on Monday night for dinner/drinks/whatever, sleeping over included.  I was a little nervous, as I absolutely needed to pay my rent by Tuesday, so a couple hours later I emailed him again)

Me: Hey!  Just wanted to say, please let me know ASAP if you think monday won’t work for whatever reason!  Like I said, I’ll be telling my landlord to hold off for a day, so it would be bad if I didn’t know until monday that it wasn’t happening.  That said… I’m also very much looking forward to it! :)

Him: Definitely

(and then, on Sunday:)

Him: Good luck at the new job tomorrow!

So, I was planning on meeting him on Monday night.  I was a little nervous, as I was starting rehearsals for a show, and to have to also worry about my night job was extra stress…  but at that point, it was necessary that I have his $600 by Tuesday morning.  So, during the day on Monday we emailed/texted some to confirm, and around 7:45 I arrived outside his Upper West Side apartment.  I called him, he told me his apartment number, and I was buzzed up.  It was a nice building.  No doorman, but an elevator.  He met me at his door.  He was very average, but not TERRIBLE looking.  Maybe a little dorky?  Big nose.  Not a great body, but not particularly overweight.  We shook hands, I got his name, and I repeated my fake one.  He asked if that was my real name, and I said no, and told him what it was.  I don’t know why, but I’m so bad at lying about my name if someone asks, even though it’s not a great idea to tell.  From here on out, I won’t.  That’s a pact I’m making with myself, with the internet as my witness.  This is partly because after I said I didn’t mind him knowing my name because I could tell that he was “normal guy,” he replied with, “Not completely normal.”  I don’t think he was about to kill me…  but I’ll just take that as a sign that someday some sketchy guy may stalk me.

We chatted for a minute by the door while I scanned his apartment.  It was nice!  Classy furniture. A white sofa with claw feet.  I don’t remember many details.  Clearly he was making some money, as he had a spacious UWS apartment with nice things.  I had told him I was starting a new job that day (which was true, I was rehearsing for the show I mentioned earlier) and I told him it was a children’s theatre tour.  A lie, but I wanted to be a little vague.  I asked him a question (I forget what, maybe something about what he wanted to do for dinner?) and he stumbled a little on the answer, and then apologized and said he had a migraine.  In fact, he said we shouldn’t do anything that night.  But, because he had promised a meeting, he would pay me now and we could meet another time!  That’s right.  He paid me, a random escort that he met on craigslist, in advance.  I mean, THAT is a generous guy.  And normally I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that, but I really did need the money ASAP.  I didn’t have another option, and I was very upfront about that.  So, he walked me to the atm, making pleasant small talk along the way, took out $600, and we parted ways with plans to maybe connect later in the week.  I thanked him PROFUSELY as I said goodbye.  Really, I still can’t believe he did that.  I also texted him before I got on the train, saying, “Seriously, thank you again for your generosity.  It speaks volumes about you! Be in touch :)”

Side note: As I was on the phone recounting this story to my friend a minute later, I said something along the lines of “I can’t believe he would trust me like that. I’m just a random whore!” and a homeless man in a sleeping bag on the sidewalk shouted at me “We’re all whores!” Thanks, God, for that touching reminder.

The real kicker of this whole thing is that it happened on the first of this month.  It’s now about three weeks later, and this guy hasn’t contacted me.  I feel like he must be pussying out, or maybe wasn’t interested in me once I showed up but then felt obligated to pay me? Or maybe he’s just been busy and will still contact me later.  But it seems strange that he hasn’t written ANYTHING for three weeks.  I feel like I should write and say something like “hey sorry, been busy, but let’s make plans soon, ok?”  But really, the ball is in his court.  He’s the one who paid!  I guess we’ll see.  If he never writes me, I’ll have made $600 in about ten minutes.  Around $60 a minute?  Not too shabby.



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I’m alive.  And I have a couple updates to add, very soon!  I’m back from my acting job, and while I was thinking I was done with the escort thing for the time being, a past client contacted me very near rent time.  Seemed like a good (and profitable) choice!  Also, an aspiring escort just contacted me asking for advice…  and whether or not I continue on the escort path, I’ve put enough work into this blog that I’d like it to live on as a resource.  Planning a couple updates of stories I haven’t told, and also some updates/sections with general advice.

sexy time

This entry is the equivalent of a drunk text. I could have waited until I had written something with a little more content… but my friend jim beam recommended I let the world know I’m alive. So…  fyi, i’m alive. and writing again soon.

Sometimes this blog feels like I’m vomiting into the sea of the internet…  but most of the time, I feel like I’ve created something worthwhile that not enough people (in the business or outside it) are reading.  I hope you (dear reader) feel the latter.


PS – odlfkjgs;orbo;seirmg;kdfgl;ksmw4o;imvea

how to speak too soon. by: me

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I got a comment today that said this blog was in a dire need of an update.  i agree! And I apologize for those that have been checking back recently, because I should have posted this earlier.  Remember the job I was talking about in my last post?  Well, I got it, and I’m no longer in NYC, at least for the moment.

SO.  for now, little dream came true, don’t need to escort.

Now, i do have a couple updates left that i could do while i’m off doing this job…  i don’t have the time to do that right now, but i may in the coming months!  And i may even have the time to make a new website, as i had planned before.  So it’s worth checking back…  and I will still respond to emails and comments if i can!  and i’m not sure i’m done ‘doing this’ forever…  which in terms of the life of this blog is really the most important thing, isn’t it?

Thanks for reading.  Whatever happens, I’ll keep you updated!



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