hey hairy boy… i gotta put you know what… in your you know what…

pocket change

So, I met with my new client last monday…  and then again today.  This guy is a trip.  Have you ever been with people who love to talk dirty, but it just doesn’t sound right coming out of their mouths?  Well, he has a way of saying things that are so strange and NOT hot to me.  Especially before we meet, he loves to throw in little one liners about how he can’t wait to “eat my hairy butt” or how he’s “got something swelling for me,” or he can “feel himself growing” just thinking about me.  I know he’s trying to get me turned on before we meet, but it’s really just kind of awkward.  He loves body hair, and since I have some, he’s VERY into it…  I shave/trim usually, but he doesn’t want me to.  He does look like he will keep contacting me for meetings, so i’ll go along with this to a certain extent…  but I mean, let’s be real, i’m not really raking it in with him, so hot dates will have to trump him

First meetings are always a little nerve racking.  Last monday I met at his apartment on the east side, early afternoon.  He showed me into his two bedroom (roommate wasn’t there), which was nice but nothing too fancy.  He looked middle-aged, a little overweight, gray haired.  He was clearly pretty eager, so I shut off my phones and we headed into the bedroom.  We made out, i blew him, he blew me, rimmed me, felt me up, etc etc etc…  halfway through he asked if I liked porn (which he already knew after asking in a previous text…  cuh- LEARLY i said yes) and put on a bel-ami dvd (for anyone who doesn’t know, bel-ami is a production company with super hot young european boys) and finally he came while i was blowing him.  i didn’t cum.

Of course, all throughout, he continued to be very vocal…  “oh ya, you like that big boy?”  “Oh, you’re so hot you hairy stud”  “You gonna grow that hot hair out for me?”

He loves calling my a “hairy stud”…  which i don’t really think is the best description of me, but whatever, it’s his fantasy land.

Overall it was fiiiiiine…  I wasn’t staying as hard as I could have, although the porn did help some.  He was VERY complimentary afterwards…  He said he “loved EVERYTHING about me” and was interested in another meeting (which was today).    He didn’t want two hours like I thought, but did give me ten dollars extra, so i made $240 for the hour.  I don’t love hour meetings, but it is nice being done so quickly!

This morning, I woke up a little after 11 for my 12pm meeting with him…  I don’t know why I thought I would be there on time.  He had texted me asking if we could do earlier, which clearly wasn’t going to happen since I was sleeping.  He also left a message saying, “hey, hairy boy… call me or text me… i wanna see you.  i gotta put you know what…  in your you know what… gimme a buzz.”  Guess he wanted to fuck me today!  So after some texting back and forth I just said I would be there as soon as I could, which ended up being 20 minutes late.  It turns out he had somewhere to be, so in the end our meeting was cut short, BUT he still paid full price! Another $240.

contents of my hooker purse...  minus the coaster and the vodka(this what i picked up today…  $240, plus a TON of free condoms from the clinic where I get tested.  Don’t worry, I passed…  but we’ll save that topic for another entry!)

So I’m kind of glad it worked out that way.  This meeting was pretty much the same as the first (except for the length).  It was mostly me blowing him with porn on (corbin fisher this time), although I did cum.  I was more into this time…  i think i was in the mood to go down on someone.  He didn’t end up fucking me, but did mention it again while we were hooking up, so maybe if we meet again it will happen.  Then we got dressed and headed out.  He was going to lunch, but let me leave first because he “had a couple calls to make”…  i think he just didn’t want to leave his building and then walk down the street with his rent boy, which is perfectly understandable.  I don’t really want to be seen with my clients!  He prefers I don’t call or text him unless he initiates, as sometimes other people have access to his phone, so I’m assuming I’ll get another call or text from him in the next couple weeks!


7 Responses to “hey hairy boy… i gotta put you know what… in your you know what…”

  1. i had an experience where a guy tried (unsuccessfully) to do the dirty talk but like you it wasn’t working..i had to fight to keep a smile off my face, even during the sex. it ends up sounding like a bad porno “hey buddy you like that etc.” always with buddy as if it fulfills some kind of straight friends spontaneously fooling around kind of fantasy.
    by the way, i wouldn’t use the NYC condoms. they break real easily.

    Good luck!

  2. internetrentboy Says:

    hahaha yes! ‘buddy’… is that word even used for anything else now?

    thanks for the advice… i’ve never heard that! how rude. i just grabbed a bunch when i got tested, but i’ll def keep it in mind.


  3. hail comrade! i must confess i love the experience of greeting the doorman/ leaving the building with said client and greeting the doorman. you know that he knows what you are here for, especially if it is a frequent flyer, but he does not say and you offer your secret smile.

  4. Oh hey mail even if you refuse. Just notify me you got my mail.

  5. Just discovered your blog (through a search engine), and wanted to say I quite enjoyed reading it. I notice there haven’t been many new entries, so I want to encourage you to continue. I am a guy in my late 30’s living in Montreal, and I have been hiring a few rentboys myself lately. Some of them can be a little inscrutable and mysterious, and I often find myself getting very curious about their views on our encounters, as well as their motivations and outside lives and interests. While I know a blog cannot singlehandedly answer my questions, I enjoy your perspective and your knack for good storytelling. Keep it up

  6. ASIANSTUD Says:

    amazing blog…it really enlightened me…hope u’ll be smart in handling ur money and be prepared with ur future retirement…Wish you more luck this 2010!

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