paper boy

I’m about to embark on a new chapter in my rent boy career…  and one that semi-kills my status as an “internet rent boy.”  I’m placing an ad in a real life, hold-in-your-hands, paper publication, that people can pick up read.  I have a couple reasons for this.  As convenient as the internet may be as a tool to post ads, I have never gotten the kind of response that I want from the clients that I want.  I feel like I am repeatedly contacted by guys who can’t afford me, don’t understand what I offer, and end up wasting a lot of my time.  Like my online ads (not craigslist, but my listings on escort sites), my paper ad states very simply what I offer and my prices.  I’m hoping to attract a slightly wealthier clientele, and I’m also expecting a higher volume of responses.

I’ve paid for one week of ad space, so my plan right now is to use that week to really do the rent boy thing, ideally saving multiple months worth of money instead of procrastinating and scrambling for a job or two at the end of each month.  Expect more blog posts in the coming days!


One Response to “paper boy”

  1. At first, thank you for adding my blog!
    Well, I have a similar problem on my mind. There is not so much people who are ideally rich and can pay enough what I want. Sometime I feel guilty when I get money from average income people or students.
    I hope your paper ad will go great and attract ideal clients. :)

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